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Easter Is the Perfect Time for a Princess (Or Pirate) Transformation

Is your daughter asking you for a unicorn princess gown for the Easter party? Does your son want to become a pirate? Do you react by rubbing your head and pondering the question, “What do unicorns and pirates have to do with Easter?”

You’d actually be surprised! Did you know you can find a trace of unicorns in the Bible? Did you know that English pirates used to protect “God, Queen, and Country”? Without further ado, let’s delve into the worlds of unicorns and pirates.

Unicorns of the Bygone Times

Unicorns originate from the myths and artworks of Mesopotamia, China, and India. From there, they gallop into the beliefs of ancient Greeks and onto the pages of the Bible. Medieval writers used unicorns as symbols for Christ, whose sacrifice was likened to raising a horn of salvation for mankind.

Unicorns of Today

The Victorian writers were the first ones to romanticize unicorns and turn them into the characters of children’s fantasy books. Over the years, unicorns have proliferated in popular culture. Featured in the animated film My Little Pony: The Movie and TV series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the unicorns have become the epitomes of friendship and courage.

Also, the magical creatures symbolize the strength of belief and the positive power of imagination. Take a look at this powerful quote from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass: ‘“Well, now that we have seen each other,” said the unicorn, “if you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you.”’

If your daughter wants to transform into a unicorn princess this Easter, you now know why. Additionally, if you can’t think of a hairstyle to complete her dress with, we have two brand-new hairstyles available: the "Minnie Buns" and the “Majestic Princess.” Check them out!

Brave Defenders of Faith

The two pirates most famous for their strong Christian faith are Sir Francis Drake and Bartholomew Roberts. As you can tell from Drake’s title, he was even knighted for his efforts in serving Queen Elizabeth I. Roberts was renowned for his strict discipline and for upholding the values of honesty and work ethics.

Today the many branches of Christianity co-exist peacefully. Anglicans no longer employ pirates to take an upper hand over Catholics. However, when you are buying a pirate costume for your son this Easter, you may find peace of mind knowing that historically, pirates used to adhere to moral codes and values.

Moreover, pop culture has completely erased the dark image of pirates over the years. The famous film franchise Pirates of the Caribbean has created an image of a pirate—epitomized by Jack Sparrow—who is smart and, while driven by his own interests, often comes to recognize the importance of friendship.

Transforming into a pirate this Easter is a great way for your son to play out the roles of a brave defender and a street-smart adventurer all at once.

At As You Wish Magical Experiences, our fairy godmothers can’t wait to help your kid(s) with their Easter transformation. Contact us today!

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