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Celebrate a Month of Love and Enchantment

February, the love month, showers the world with pink hearts, chocolates, and sweet gestures. While this time focuses on romantic love, it’s necessary to celebrate all kinds of love.

This celebration should also extend beyond a single month and transcend age boundaries. Our fairy godmothers believe nurturing all forms of love is crucial for children's development and well-being.


Our two new hairstyles can add an extra layer of magic to celebrate the various facets of love.

Why Does Love Deserve Celebration?

Experiencing and understanding love is crucial for children's emotional and social development. It promotes a sense of security and belonging while building foundations for future relationships. While February often emphasizes romantic love, teaching children that love encompasses a much broader spectrum is vital. It exists in the bond between family members, the heartwarming connection with friends, and the nurturing self-love that allows them to appreciate who they are.


Through imaginative character transformations, we provide children with a safe space to explore different expressions of love. For example, they can be knights protecting their loved ones, mermaids sharing treasures from the deep, or pirates spreading kindness across the seas. Our transformations encourage them to embrace these values and witness the power of love in a captivating way.

Exploring Our New Hairstyles

This month, we're adding a touch of extra magic with two brand-new hairstyles, perfect for inspiring creativity and imagination:

The "Minnie Buns"

This hairstyle is for little ones who adore the iconic queen of polka dots—Minnie Mouse. This adorable style features playful polka-dotted buns. It is available in pink and red, adding a touch of whimsy and charm to any princess or fairytale-themed transformation.


Imagine your little one twirling around with these playful buns, embodying the love and kindness that Minnie Mouse represents. Our fairy godmothers work their magic to create these delightful buns, ensuring that every detail is perfect for your child's enchanting experience.

The Majestic Princess

This hairstyle offers a unique and elegant alternative for kids who want a more non-traditional princess look. This elegant and versatile style allows princesses to express their unique personalities and preferences. For example, they can envision themselves as cosmic rulers exploring distant galaxies or graceful royalty with Asian-inspired elegance. Our fairy godmothers will ensure the hairstyle adapts to their vision.


Picture your little one adorned with intricate braids and sparkling accessories. They will radiate confidence and grace as they reign over their imaginary kingdom. Our fairy godmothers specialize in creating these majestic hairstyles, ensuring that each princess feels like royalty.


Our new hairstyles, along with our transformative experiences, are more than just hair and costumes. They are a canvas for children to express their creativity, explore different facets of love, and discover their inner magic. With a touch of imagination and the love we cultivate through these experiences, we aim to empower children to create lasting memories.

At As You Wish Magical Experiences, we believe in transforming your dreams into reality. Ready to take your little one on a special adventure? Contact us today to book a unique experience!

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