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 Princess Transformation

Princess Package - $135*

The Princess Package includes a choice of 4 different hairstyles, nails polished, makeup done, face jewel, stickers, wand, backpack, certificate, pixie dust and their own fairy godmother. The princess even gets to keep her hair accessories, nail polish and makeup.


Follow this link to our Amazon Storefront to purchase a gown for your Princess's special day:  

princess dress up
Mermaid Transformation

Mermaid Transformation

Mermaid Package - $135*

Take a Dive Down Under the Sea with our Mermaid Transformation package! This brand new service includes one hairstyle, mermaid face makeup, thingamabobs to keep, and a personal mermaid name! 

Knights of the Realm

Knight Package - $105

The Knight Package includes a choice of 2 hairstyles, hair confetti, breastplate, face mask, shield, sword, stickers, kings' treasure to protect, personalized knight scroll, and a knights satchel.

Pirate Transformation

Ahoy, Matey!

Pirate Package - $105

The pirate transformation includes: Spiked hair, hair confetti, pirate makeup, head bandanna, pirate vest, sword, eye patch, pirate booty, hand tattoo, official Pirate credential, and backpack. An oath is taken to the Pirate Crew, making him a Pirate for life! 

 Tea Time With Fairy Godmother

Tea Time Package - $105

Have a magical experience sipping tea with your own Fairy Godmother!  There will be sweet treats, story time, and, of course, no tea time is complete without a matching hat and handbag, and even more surprises.  The hours that it can be scheduled will be between 11:00 and 5:00.

Tea Time With Fairy Godmother
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