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Royal Valentine's Day Costumes for Little Hearts


Are your kids in kindergarten or elementary school? If so, is it too early to discuss love with them? Our Fairy Godmothers believe celebrating Valentine’s Day is worthwhile, no matter the age. Keep reading to see why.

The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day has an uncertain origin. It is linked to Christian martyrs named Valentine or Valentinus, canonized by the Catholic Church.  One legend involves Emperor Claudius II, outlawing marriage for young men to make better soldiers. Valentine defied the decree, performing marriages for young lovers. Claudius ordered his execution upon discovery.


Another legend involves an imprisoned Valentine who fell in love with a young girl. Before execution, he sent her the first "valentine" greeting, signing it "From your Valentine." This expression persists in modern usage.


Valentine of Terni, a bishop, may be the holiday's true namesake. He faced execution under Claudius II outside Rome.


Valentine's Day remains a celebration with a mysterious past, intertwined with love and martyrdom.

Should Kids Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Our Fairy Godmothers believe it's beneficial. They argue that it helps develop a healthy perspective on love. Love, they emphasize, isn't solely about romance, though that's important too. Love also involves compassion and sharing.


Explaining love to kids involves expressing feelings. Begin by describing love as a warm, positive emotion. Illustrate through examples, like hugging a pet or helping a friend. Emphasize that love isn't just romantic but includes caring for family and friends. Encourage kids to share their feelings and listen when others express love. Use simple language and relate love to familiar experiences. Show that love involves kindness, understanding, and support. Overall, help kids grasp that love is a beautiful and essential part of relationships.


Engaging in activities like crafting cards, sharing treats, and playing themed games teaches kids the importance of expressing care for others. It fosters a sense of belonging and imparts the value of nurturing positive relationships. So, according to the Fairy Godmothers, celebrating Valentine's Day with kids is worthwhile.

Our Fairy Godmothers Share Ideas for Your Valentine’s Day Party

Hosting a costume party on Valentine's Day for your child is a delightful idea. It adds excitement to the celebration. Costumes allow kids to explore creativity and imagination, becoming their favorite characters. This fosters a sense of playfulness and joy. The party becomes a memorable experience, creating lasting bonds with friends. Costumed celebrations also provide a unique way to express love and appreciation.


Whether your child dreams of being a graceful princess or a noble knight, our Fairy Godmothers can help. Our exquisite costumes bring elegance and valor to your celebration. Imagine your living room transformed into a royal ball!


Host an underwater-themed celebration! Our Fairy Godmothers can turn your daughters into mermaids with tails and shimmering scales.


Additionally, our Fairy Godmothers can guide your little ones into the exciting world of pirates. Transform your home into a pirate ship or a remote island. A box full of Valentine's Day goodies serves as a perfect treasure chest.


At As You Wish Magical Experiences, we aim to assist you and your little ones in fully enjoying Valentine’s Day. Our Fairy Godmothers will gladly come to your resort, vacation rental, or home to aid your child in preparing for the celebration. Contact us today!

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